Life Options & Advocacy, LLC 2040 Pinecone Way Las Cruces, NM 88012 US

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Life Options & Advocacy, LLC Advocates for Seniors


Life Options & Advocacy, LLC specializes in the following services:

Health care powers of attorney
Court Appointed Guardianship
Coordination of Resources including Safe Living Needs, Medical Appointments, Personal Business Appointments
Helping Determine the right time for more assistance
Helping Identifying the next "right" step
Collaborative Problem Solving
Notary Public Services

Fee Services Included:

Guardianship (court appointed)
Advocacy Services
Power of Attorney

Fee for Services --Hourly Rate

Travel mileage at IRS reimbursement rate (out of town, over 25 miles)

Special Studies
Court Reports
Any other extraordinary services required

General Statement of Fee Policy:
The fees specified herein are for usual and customary services.  If unusual or extraordinary services are required, an additional fee may be charged based upon the time and responsibility involved and the results obtained.  Examples of such services might include litigation, additional statements, travel, special studies, etc.  Whenever possible, special services will be identified and communicated before the charge is made.  All fees quoted are subject to applicable New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax, which will be due at at the time of the payment, collected on a monthly basis.  Fees are subject to change with thirty days written notice.  We are happy to discuss our fees at any time.